1. Types of awards
    1. Most outstanding presentation award: 1 person
    2. Outstanding presentation award(s): 1 or 2 persons
  2. Application requirements
    1. Students or researchers within 3 years after acquisition of degree
    2. Being a member of the Society of Bioacoustics
  3. How to apply?
    1. Indicate that you would like to apply the awards when you submit your application of a presentation.
  4. Judging system
    1. The award winners are selected by the selection board of SFBA.

Past Winners

Year of 2018

  1. Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Mika Kuroda “Sound production and frequency-determining mechanism in the head of toothed whales”

  2. Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Bo Zhou “Multilevel innnervations to the auditory pathway by GABAergic neurons in the mouse basal ganglia”

Year of 2017

  1. Most Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Yui K Matsumoto “The relationship between ultrasonic songs and testis weight in male mice”
  2. Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Sinyoung Lee “Simulation of electrical changes in the inner hair cells derived from the basilar membrane vibration”

Year of 2016

  1. Most Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Hiromi Mukai “Male jewel bugs localize female calling vibrations: directional vibration sensing by chordotonal organs”
  2. Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Sinyoung Lee “Finite-element model of human active cochlea: Short-time variation of DP components on the BM”

Year of 2015

  1. Most Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Nao Ota (Hokkaido University), “Does tap dance contribute to producing louder sounds?: The relationship between dance performance and sound amplitude in the courtship display of a socially monogamous songbird”
  2. Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Cheng-Han Chou (Endemic Species Research Institute), “Echolocation variations of insectivorous bats in Taiwan”

Year of 2014

  1. Most Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Daiki Goto (Doshisha University), “Modification in pulse characteristics in flying Japanese horseshoe bats during acoustically interfered conditions produced by multiple conspecifics”
  2. Outstanding Presentation Award
    • Shota Murai (Doshisha University), “Cortical substrates for the perception of the noise-vocoded speech sounds: Evaluation with listening test and fMRI”
    • Tomoyo Isoguchi Shiramatsu (The University of Tokyo), “Oscillation in rat auditory cortex representing texture of chord”