The 9th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics

Details Announcement and Call for Papers click here! 

Style of Conference: On-site meeting held at International University of Health and Welfare Odawara Campus combined with on-line participation via Zoom

Dates: 3th-4th December 2022

Venue (On-site): International University of Health and Welfare Odawara Campus  1-2-25 Shiroyama, Odawara City, Kanagawa 250-8588, Japan
4 minute walk from Odawara Station west gate

The Organizing Committee: Tatsuhiko HARADA (Internetional University of Health and Welfare), Takuji KOIKE (The University of Electro-Communications), Shigeto FURUKAWA (NTT Communication Science Laboratory), Yasuhide OKAMOTO  (Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital), Sho OTSUKA (Chiba University), Sinyoung LEE (Yamanashi University), Yuka MISHIMA (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)

Sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the 9th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics.

Co-sponsored by Inner Ear Distortion Study Group in Japan Audiological Society, and the Research Committee of Bioacoustics of the Acoustical Society of Japan.

The meeting welcomes international students and researchers in areas of both basic and applied bioacoustics researches in animals and in humans. Topics include but not limited to hearing, sound and vibration effects on animals and humans, behaviors, neural mechanisms, models, and methodology. This meeting has the following features.

  1. The presentations and discussions are delivered in English or Japanese.
  2. Two special symposiums will be held in this meeting.
  3. Participation both on-site and on-line (using Zoom) is available.
  4. Presenter can choose oral presentation at the venue or video presentation. Discussion will be made after presentation together with participants on-site and on-line. All presenter who participate on-line needs to send presentation video with voice according to instruction of the committee ahead of the meeting, .

Detailed information about the meeting (Call for Papers) can be downloaded from here!

Outline of this Event

  1. Key dates.

22nd October 2022  Submission of the abstract for all presentations should be made by this date. Presenters should be the member of our society by this date (see section 2).

31st October 2022 Attendees should transfer their total amount of expenses by this date. The program will be announced on the Society web-page. Acceptance of contributed oral papers will be notified by this date by e-mail.

  1.  Registration, abstract submission, and payment.

Participants who want to presentation need to send E-mail to Organizing Committee member Yuka Mishima <bainfo [at]  [at] need to change to @>
for registration, abstract submission until 22 October 2022.
About detailed format of registration, abstract submission, please check “Call for Papers” on 9th Annual meeting web-page.

Participants who are not presenter (or co-presenter) send registration form until 31 October 2022.

  1. Joining the Society.

You have to be a member of the Society for Bioacoustics, to present a paper at the Annual Meeting. If you have not yet joined the Society, please contact the Secretariat through the the webpage of the Society and apply by 22 October 2022. Only students are allowed to present posters without the memberships, but the Society will not select non-member students for the awards.The annual membership fee is as follows.

Member for an employed person


Member for a postgraduate student


Member for an undergraduate student


  1. Payment for your registration
    Meeting participants should transfer their total amount of expenses (fees for registration) by 31 October 2022 to the Japan Post Bank account of the Society. See the detail in “Call for papers” on 9th Annual meeting web-page.
  2.  Joining the Meeting
    Including on-site participants, registered presenters and attendee will receive URL to connect the meeting. Zoom will be used for the virtual meeting system. On-site registration will start at 12:00 on Saturday 3 December 2022 at 5th floor of International University of Health and Welfare Odawara Campus.
  3. Conference proceedings

A pdf booklet of the conference proceedings will be delivered to each participant. The Conference Proceedings will be available to the members of the Society on our web site.

  1. Awards

Presentation awards are granted to excellent presentations. The award winners will be selected from both on-site and on-line presenters. You have to be a student member or a regular member who obtained a PhD degree within the last three years in order to apply for Awards. You have to indicate that you would like to apply for the Awards when you submit your abstract. The award ceremony will be held on 4th November 2022. 

  1. Q and A.

Please direct your question to the Organizing Committee of the 9th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics <bainfo [at]>.