Greetings from the Society for Bioacoustics

Hiroshi Riquimaroux, President

How have you been folks? Two years have already passed since we founded the Society for Bioacoustics in May 2014. I deeply appreciate your continuous support. On December 12th and 13th last year, our second annual meeting was held in Kyushu University in Fukuoka in Kyushu.Prof. Kazuo Ueda successfully organized the meeting. I would greatly thank BIO RESEARCH CENTER CO. LTD., ACO Co., Ltd. and Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd. for their contribution to financial supports for the meeting. We also have to thank all staff people, who made the Fukuoka meeting successful. We had 60 participants, including 13 participants from overseas. Among them, 22 students joined the meeting. The society co-sponsored the auditory research meeting held in Toyohashi Institute of Technology on May 19th and 20th this year. The meeting was well attended and papers presented were quite interesting. We have an on-going project now, a publication of “The encyclopedia for living creatures and sounds” from Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd, which is written in lay language. We look forward to the book. The 3rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics will be held in the Irago Sea-Park & Spa Hotel at the tip of Irago Peninsula in Aichi prefecture on December 10th and 11th. Prof. Junsei Horikawa in Toyohashi Institute of Technology will organize the meeting. I’m sure that all of us will enjoy presentations and discussions in the meeting as well as wonderful environment and food there. Participation of young scientists and students is particularly welcome. Those who have not yet joined the SFBA, please join us now and share the scientific excitement with us.

See you all in Irago in December 2016.

We plan to publish books, which explains what the bioacoustics is. We also plan to publish our scientific journal electronically, not in paper, because of high publication cost. The annual research meeting and a co-sponsored meeting will be held every year. The sites and dates will be noticed to members.

Now, let’s have an excitement and a fun by joining the SFBA.