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Program of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics

Saturday, 9 December 2017   
9:30                Starting Registrations (at the Building E-3 3F)
10:30 – 10:40   Opening Remarks (Takuji Koike) at Room 306
10:40 – 11:40   Oral Session 1: Brain science research (Chair Takuji Koike)
10:40 – 11:10       Shigeru Tanaka: Species differences in the functional architecture of primary visual cortex between cats and rodents
11:10 – 11:40        Hirokazu Takahashi: Neural correlates of perceptual organization in the auditory cortex
11:40 – 13:00   Lunch
13:00 – 14:00   Oral Session 2: Hearing loss and mechanism of hearing (Chair Tatsuhiko Harada)
13:00 – 13:30       Fei Zhao: Music exposure and subclinical hearing loss
13:30 – 14:00       Sinyoung Lee: Simulation of electrical changes in the inner hair cells derived from the basilar membrane vibration
14:00 – 14:30   Taking Group Pictures and Break
14:30 – 15:30   Poster short presentation (3 min talk)
P1     Masanobu Miyashita: Neural mechanisms of auditory continuity illusion
P2     Shiro Nakata: Distinct projections from the primary and anterior auditory fields to motor and associative regions of the mouse neocortex
P3     Kenta Mito: Simulation of two-tone suppression using human cochlear model considering activity of outer hair cells
P4     Ryo Ebine: Measurement system for mobility of auditory ossicles using ear pick
P5     Kota Kuroda: Examination of a method for risk detection in endoscopic sinus surgery
P6     Miho Sato: Measurement of fetal heart rate variance for fetal hearing screening
P7     Takahiro Suzuki: Simultaneous vibration measurement of hyoid muscle activity and swallowing sound
P8     Toshiaki Negishi: An optical and thermal image fusion approach using estimated homography matrix for noncontact vital-sign measurements and its application to infectious disease screening system
P9     Yui K Matsumoto: The relationship between ultrasonic songs and testis weight in male mice
P10   Takuma Takanashi: Vibration sensitivity in longicorn beetles and its potential for pest management
P11    Tetsutaro Hiraguchi: Footsteps as the initial signal to induce cricket behaviors
P12   Yuta Yoshimura: Development of a new method for behavioral control of an agricultural insect pest by vibration
P13   Ryoichi Iwase: Where are the sperm whales? — Study on the sound source localization with a single hydrophone on deep seafloor in Sagami Bay
P14   Ikuo Matsuo: Automatic detection and localization of Croaker’s fish calls using beamforming
P15   Yoshimasa Seki: Individual difference and vocal learning of contact-call-like sounds in juvenile cockatiels
P16   Akari Furutani: Java sparrows modify trill rates under affiliative and agnostic interactions
P17   Sachio Umemoto: Neural correlate of vocal activity in juvenile Java sparrows recorded in the basal ganglia
P18   Zhiqiang Ma: Strong frequency specific suppression on the basilar membrane suited for echolocation in bats
15:30 – 17:45   Poster session
18:00 – 20:00   Banquet

Sunday, 10 December 2017    
9:00 – 10:00     Oral Session 3: Medical application (animal models) (Chair Hirokazu Takahashi)
9:00 – 9:30           Sho Kurihara: Establishment of a noise-induced hearing loss model in non-human primates to accelerate translational research
9:30 – 10:00         Tomohiko Yoshida: Optimizing call count observation test for the study of social isolation due to the deafness using a noise-induced hearing loss model of common marmoset
10:00 – 10:15   Break
10:15 – 11:45   Oral Session 4: Bioacoustics in insects and fishes (Chair Takuma Takanashi)
10:15 – 10:45       Ryo Nakano: Artificial ultrasonic pulses repelling moth pests
10:45 – 11:15       Seiji Tanaka: Why do locust eggs hatch early if Mozart is played?
11:15 – 11:45        Raquel Vasconcelos: Steroid regulation of auditory sensitivity in fish: insights from zebrafish
11:45 – 12:15   General Assembly
12:15 – 14:15   Lunch: Walk to Jindaiji Temple (http://www.jindaiji.or.jp/language/english.pdf) or Chofu City Walk
                         Participation in this event is your choice.
14:15 – 14:30   Award Ceremony
14:30 – 15:30   Oral Session 5: Bioacoustics in bats (Chair Ikuo Matsuo)
14:30 – 15:00       Rolf M‎üller: Some thoughts on the role of Doppler shifts in bat biosonar
15:00 – 15:30       Hiroshi Riquimaroux: Active mechanical noise cancellation system on the basilar membrane for echolocation in bats
15:30 – 16:00   General Discussion (Hiroshi Riquimaroux)
16:00 – 16:15   Closing Remarks (Hiroshi Riquimaroux)
16:15 – 17:15   Executive Meeting


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Announcement and Call for Papers

Pre-registration Sheet (Presenter)

Pre-registration Sheet (Non- presenter)


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第3回生物音響学会年次研究発表会は12月10日と11日の二日間にわたり伊良湖岬の美しい風景の中、豊橋技術科学大学堀川順生教授の主催により伊良湖リゾートアンドスパにおいて開催され、盛会のうちに終了いたしました。発表の中からMost Outstanding Presentation Award(生物音響学会最優秀賞)としてHiromi Mukaiさんの “Male jewel bugs localize female calling vibrations: directional vibration sensing by chordotonal organs”が、Outstanding Presentation Award(生物音響学会優秀賞)としてSinyoung Leeさんの “Finite-element model of human active cochlea: Short-time variation of DP components on the BM” が、それぞれ選ばれました。次回の年次研究発表会は2017年12月10-11日に東京・調布市の電気通信大学にて小池卓二教授の主催により開催の予定です。


Most Outstanding Presentation Award(生物音響学会最優秀賞)は
Nao Ota “Does tap dance contribute to producing louder sounds? The relationship between dance performance and sound amplitude in the courtship display of a socially monogamous songbird”

Outstanding Presentation Award(生物音響学会優秀賞)は
Cheng-Han Chou “Echolocation variations of insectivorous bats in Taiwan” でした。


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 〒112-0012 東京都文京区大塚5-3-13-4F 学会支援機構内 一般社団法人生物音響学会事務局

■新E-mail アドレス



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Saturday, 10 December 2016
9:00-11:40 Executive Meeting (& Meeting of The Organizing Committee) at “Sunrise” on the 2F
11:40- Starting Registrations (at the lounge on the 1F)
13:00-13:10 Opening Remarks (Junsei Horikawa) at “Orchid” on the 2F
13:10-14:10 Symposium ”Recent advances in Bioacoustics” (Chair Hiroshi Riquimaroux)
○13:10-13:40 Jim Simmons: Isolating target shape imaging from target ranging in biosonar
○13:40-14:10 Darlene Ketten: Of Mice and men, bats and rats: A complex answer to why size does not matter
14:10-14:40 Oral Session at “Orchid” (Chair Junsei Horikawa)
○14:10-14:25 Yoshimasa Seki: Entrainment to metronomic sounds in vocal learning birds; Studies using key pecking operant tasks
○14:25-14:40 Hiromi Mukai: Male jewel bugs localize female calling vibrations: directional vibration sensing by chordotonal organs
14:40-15:00 Taking Group Pictures and Break
15:00-16:00 Symposium ”Recent advances in Bioacoustics” (Chair Takuma Takanashi)
○15:00-15:30 Azusa Kamikouchi: Organization of the auditory neural pathway in fruit flies
○15:30-16:00 Hidetoshi Iida: Mechanosensing in plants
16:00-19:00 Poster Session and Exhibitions at a lobby on the 2F
P1 Kohei Asahara*, Jozi Nakane, Takumaru Kanzaki, Shunji Sugimoto, Koich Katsurada, Tsuneo Nitta,Junsei Horikawa: EEG during Japanese syllable recall and speech tasks
P2 Takumaru Kanzaki*, Shunji Sugimoto, Koich Katsurada, Junsei Horikawa, Tsuneo Nitta: Japanese monosyllable recognition from EEG
P3 Kenta Sugiyama*, Syunji Sugimoto, Junsei Horikawa: Brain activities related to yes-no decision making for tag questions
P4 Ukyo Matsubara*, Shunji Sugimoto, Yoshiteru Ishida, Junsei Horikawa: EEG activities evoked by joke stories
P5 Takumu Endo*, Masanobu Miyashita: A computational study of neural dynamics in the auditory cortex for the generation of auditory continuity illusion
P6 Shinpei Ishikawa*, Masanobu Miyashita, Junsei Horikawa, Shigeru Tanaka: Lateral connections in the visual cortex are important in the formation of orientation representation and information preservation
P7 Minoru Tsuzaki*, Katuhiro Maki: A new pitch extraction model: Coincidence detectors with an array of self-oscillatory units
P8 Aya Matsunaga*, Shunji Sugimoto, Minoru Tsuzaki, Junsei Horikawa: Age dependency of phase synchronization of auditory nerve of guinea pigs and rats
P9 Sinyoung Lee*, Takuji Koike: Finite-element model of human active cochlea: Short-time variation of DP
components on the BM
P10 Tatsuhiko Harada*, Junko Yamada, Yusuke Ogawa: Effects of contralateral noise on latency-frequency map of otoacoustic emissions
P11 Atsushi Shibata*, Satoshi Ohta, Shunji Sugimoto, Hisayuki Ojima, Junsei Horikawa: Analysis of temporal-information processing of sounds in the primary auditory cortex
P12 Satoshi Ohta*, Nodoka Wakabayashi, Syunji Sugimoto, Junsei Horikawa: Distribution of neurons’ spectrotemporal receptive fields along the depth axis in the primary auditory cortex
P13 Koki Hayashi*, Hisayuki Ojima, Junsei Horikawa: Changes in the temporal pattern of AI activities of guinea pigs trained to identify the interval of the repetitive nature sound
P14 Yasuharu Hirano*, Daichi Kominami, Ikkyu Aihara, Masayuki Murata: Real Time Localization Method for Calling Frogs using a Wireless Sensor Network
P15 Sheue-Er Wang*, Ching-Lung Lin, Chun-Jen Hsiao, Chung-Hsin Wu: Taiwan field vole pups use ultrasonic bioacoustics to escape predators
P16 Chi Wang *, Masataka Nishimura, Wen-Jie Song: Guinea pigs can learn to change behavioral response latency to report their sensation difference to three different sounds
P17 Ryoichi Iwase*: Sperm whale vocalizations obtained through 23 year observation on deep seafloor off Hatsushima Island in Sagami Bay
P18 Ching-Lung Lin*, Sheue-Er Wang, Chih-Hsiang Hsu, Tian-Yu Lin, Chun-Jen Hsiao, Chung-Hsin Wu: Pesticides induces bioacoustics dysfunction in echolocation bats
P19 Ru Zhang*, Liujun Zhang, Shuxin Zhang, Luhui Yang, Cindy Grimm, Ikuo Matsuo, Rolf M üller: Quantitative description of non-rigid noseleaf motions in old world leaf-nosed bats
P20 Yuta Yoshimura*, Yuncong Ma, Takuji Koike: Measurement and evaluation of vibration characteristics of mushroom logs aimed at insect pest control
19:00-21:00 Banquet at “Le Paradis” on the 1F
21:00-22:00 Poster Session and Exhibitions at a lobby on the 2F
Sunday, 11 December 2016
8:30-10:40 Poster Session at a lobby on the 2F
10:40- 11:00 Break
11:00- 12:00 Symposium ”Recent advances in Bioacoustics” (Chair Jim Simmons)
○11:00-11:30 Hiroshi Riquimaroux: How echolocating bats can extract information from weak and noisy returning echoes
○11:30-12:00 Rolf M üller: Peripheral dynamics and sensory information encoding in horseshoe bats
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break, removing the poster panels.
13:00-14:00 General Assembly in “Orchid”.
14:00-14:20 Award Ceremony in “Orchid”.
14:20-15:20 Symposium ”Recent advances in Bioacoustics” (Chair Yoshimasa Seki and Rolf M üller)
○14:20-14:50 Chihiro Mori: Audition-independent vocal development in songbird
○14:50-15:20 Chung-Hsin Wu: Environmental manganism damages auditory systems in mice
15:20-15:50 General Discussion (Chair Darlene Ketten)
15:50-16:00 Closing Remarks (Hiroshi Riquimaroux)
Poster Session


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*Prof. Jim Simmons
Dept. of Neuroscience, Brown University, USA
Title: Isolating target shape imaging from target ranging in biosonar

*Dr. Darlene Ketten
Harvard Medical School, Department of Otology & Laryngology, Boston, Mass., USA
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Biology Department, Woods Hole, Mass., USA
Title: Of Mice and Men, Bats and Rats: A Complex Answer to Why Size Does Not Matter

*Prof. Rolf Mueller
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech, USA
Taishan Professor, Shandong University – Virginia Tech International Laboratory, School of Physics, Shandong University, China
Title: Peripheral dynamics and sensory information encoding in horseshoe bats

*Dr. Chung-Hsin Wu
Professor, Department of Life Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
Title: Environmental manganism damages auditory systems in mice

*Prof. Hiroshi Riquimaroux
Distinguished Professor, Shandong University-Virginia Tech International Laboratory, Shandong University, China
Visiting Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Brown University, USA
Visiting Researcher, National Institute of Sensory Organs, National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center, Japan
Title: How echolocating bats can extract information from weak and noisy returning echoes

*Prof. Hidetoshi Iida
Department of Biology, Tokyo Gakugei University
Title: Mechanosensing in plants

*Ms. Chihiro Mori
1. Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University
2. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Title: Audition-independent vocal development in songbird

* Prof. Azusa Kamikouchi
Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University, Japan
Title: Organization of the auditory neural pathway of the fruit fly


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The 2nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics was closed in a great success.  Thank you very much for your participation, and we do hope to see you again!


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