The 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics

The 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics had been held at the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo organized by Prof. Takuji Koike from 9 to 10 in December 2017, and successfully finished. From the presentations, “The relationship between ultrasonic songs and testis weight in male mice” by Ms. Yui K Matsumoto was chosen as the Most Outstanding Presentation Award, and “Simulation of electrical changes in the inner hair cells derived from the basilar membrane vibration” by Ms. Sinyoung Lee was chosen as the Outstanding Presentation Award. 


Details Announcement and Call for Papers (written in pdf ) click here!

The 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics

Dates: 9-10 December 2017

Venue: The University of Electro-Communications (UEC)
– Detailed address: Building E-3 306 and 301 of UEC, 1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo 182-8585, Japan

The Organizing Committee: Takuji KOIKE (Chair/UEC), Tatsuhiko HARADA (Secretariat/International University of Health and Welfare-IUHW), Eriko AIBA (UEC), Tomonari AKAMATSU(National Institute of Fisheries Science),Kimitaka KAGA(National Institute of Sensory Organ, IUHW),Kazusaku KAMIYA (Juntendo Univ.), Takuma TAKANASHI (Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute),Hirokazu TAKAHASHI(Tokyo Univ.), Shigeru TANAKA (UEC), Ryo Nakano (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization), Sinyoung LEE (UEC)


Sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics.

Cosponsored by UEC and Brain science inspired life support research center of UEC 


You are cordially invited to the 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics, which is opened for international colleagues in researches on bioacoustics, i.e., basic and applied researches on sound related to animals and humans, such as hearings, sound effects on animals and humans, behaviors, neural mechanisms, models, methodology and so on. The Meeting will be held at the University of Electro-Communications (UEC) from Saturday through Sunday, 9-10 December 2017. This Meeting has the following features.

  • All the presentations and discussions are delivered in English.
  • Most of the contributed papers will be presented as posters.
  • Oral presentations are given by invited senior researchers and selected junior researchers.
  • Presentation awards are granted to excellent presentations given by students or researchers who got their degrees within three years.

Participants just attending the meeting could also enjoy presentations and discussions. The banquet will be held on Saturday, 9 December 2017, in or near the campus of UEC. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Meeting!!


  1. Key dates.

30 September

13 October 2017


Pre-registration and abstract deadline

Pre-registration and submission of the abstract for oral and poster presentations should be made by this date. All the participants should send the pre-registration sheet by this date.

31 October 2017


Announcement of the program 

The program will be announced on the SFBA2017 webpage. Acceptance of contributed oral papers will be notified by this date by e-mail.

Early Payment deadline

Pre-registration fee is reduced for the attendees who transfer their total amount of expenses, and no cancellation fee will be charged by this date.

30 November 2017

Late Payment deadline

Attendees should transfer their total amount of expenses by this date.


  1. Joining the Society.

You have to be a member of the Society for Bioacoustics, if you present a paper at the Annual Meeting. If you have not yet joined the Society, please contact us through the Web page of the Society <> and join the Society by 30 September  13 October 2017 (postponed).


  1. Abstract submission.

The presenter of the paper must submit a one-page abstract together with a pre-registration sheet (presenter) to the Organizing Committee of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics <> by 30 September 2017  13 October 2017 (postponed). A Microsoft Word template of abstract is provided here. Non-presenter also needs to submit pre-registration sheet for non-presenter.


  1. Q and A.

Please send a question to the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Bioacoustics <>.

     5. Payment of fees for pre-registration, banquet, and membership
The fees for pre-registration and membership can be paid by PayPal (only for the payment from overseas). Details of the payment methods are shown in Details Announcement and Call for Papers written in pdf . PayPal payment is available with clicking “Paypal payment page” below this paragraph. (The participants hold responsibility for the excessive commission charges in case of the wrong procedures of the payment made by the participants.) The deadline of the payment is Octover 31 (early) or November 30 (late), 2017.

                   Click here to paypal payment

    6. Conference proceedings
A booklet of the conference proceedings will be delivered to each participant who paid the registration fee at the reception of the meeting. The members of our society can also view the proceedings on our website. The participants can buy additional copies of the booklet at the reception desk.